sarvin sabet ghadam

Sarvin Sabet Ghadam

is a registered member of the college of psychologists of Ontario in the areas of clinical psychology, and provides services to adults.
She ie a member of the Canadian psychological Association (CPA).
Ms. Sabet Ghadam obtained her bachelor’s and Masters in clinical psychology from AZAD university of Rodhen and Birjand from Iran.
She was trained in clinical psychology at Azadi psychiatric hospital in Tehran city.
She was presented two thesis during her bachelor and masters degree regarding Depressive disorder, and has had the opportunity to teach under graduate students at Azad and Piam Nor universités in Zanjan city over 8 years upon her immigration to Canada.
Ms. Sabet Ghadam has practiced as a clinical psychologist in the police chief department of Zanjan city since 2004, and also she had managed the centre of behavioural heath issues of Red Cross in Zanjan city. She has experience in psychological assessment, interventions with multi- cultural clientele. Presently she provides psychological assessment and treatment to clients suffering from the sequelae of accident related traumas.
Ms. Sabet Ghadam provides services in Farsi, Turkish, English